Twin Peaks – Upper Franklin Canyon

Welcome to Upper Franklin Canyon. Believe it or not, some of the most memorable (and a couple of regrettable) scenes from Twin Peaks were filmed right in the middle of Beverly Hills. Lucky for us fans, it is a public park and open every day from dusk until dawn, not to mention most of the filming locations remain the same as they once did back in 1990/91.  For those taking notes, there was no filming in the canyon until Episode 16.
If you park in the top parking lot, you will be right upon the “Post Maddy Walk” that opens episode 16.
Now on my first journey to L.A. to find filming sites, I was incredibly excited to see Glastonberry Grove for myself, however it turned out absolutely nothing like I expected. I was expecting atleast something that felt like the show, but it’s actually nothing like it appears.  No sycamore trees, no puddle, not much of anything – it sits in the middle of a walking path with a huge reservoir behind it.  There is still a distinct depression in the earth where the puddle of oil was, but over the course of my visits it is gradually slipping away.
If you were to turn around from the viewpoint above, you’d be looking right at the former location of Windom Earle’s cabin.
Then, if you take a minute’s walk down the trail you will find James and Donna’s picnic site in Episode 23, which is also the same tree Cooper urinates on in Episode 17!
Along the main road through the park you will find the following locations from Episode 16 where Donna and James break up for the umpteenth time.  If you go across the lake Donna is watching, you’ll find the location used for Audrey and John Justice Wheeler’s picnic from Episode 24.
After you’re done, make sure you check out Lower Franklin Canyon for more Twin Peaks fun!

muchas gracias to charles for helping me out with all these sites.

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