Twin Peaks – Big Ed’s Gas Farm, California Style

Welcome to Big Ed’s Gas Farm, as seen in Twin Peaks episode 5. In the real world it is known as Newcomb’s Ranch, the ONLY restaurant on the Pacific Crest Highway, feeding biker enthusiasts when the roads are open.  I find it odd we only see one more true gas farm scene aside from the pilot. However, being that this filming site is almost a solid 2 hour drive from central Los Angeles it is understandable it was not used more often.
As I was originally trying to locate Big Ed’s, I was convinced it was somewhere along Mulholland Highway near Agoura, comfortably within distance of Malibou Lake and so many of the other series exterior locations. But alas, for some reason they made the haul up into the forest.  Also, keen eyed observers will note the real advertisement for Mt. Waterman, a ski area just down the road which the Twin Peaks crew opted not to cover for whatever reason.
It’s a long drive and not much to see, but for any hardcore Twin Peaks fan, it’s a must. I really wanted to try the food though! Before visiting be sure to check the road reports as the area is prone to forest fires, mudslides, and snow in the winter.  There are always scattered rumors that the ranch will close due to the roads, but the owners seem determined to keep Newcomb’s alive. For more information check out their website at:

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