Twin Peaks Festival 2010: Day 1

Thanks to American Airlines, I was seriously doubting a timely arrival to the Twin Peaks Festival Meet and Greet, which was also the annual trivia contest which I had been studying very hard for. I wanted first place, I wanted the pride, and I wanted a free ticket to next year’s festival! I had to wake up in Dallas at 5:15am in order to catch a flight to Seattle, because my would have been connecting flight last night was cancelled due to a “broken plane”.
Luckily, the flight was on time and I was able to get off the plane and in my rental car within 22 minutes. Not bad, huh? We jumped in the car and hauled ass to North Bend. Everything worked out and I had a little time to check in and catch up with all my friends. I also got to meet Mischa from the Twin Peaks Archive which was an absolute honor. I really respect his passion and all he has done for the online Twin Peaks community. I also got to chat with Paula K. Shiamatsu-U and view some of the beautiful prints she has done.
I was also really glad to see so many new faces. Word around the campfire was that it was the largest turnout since 2003 (160 or so attendees?). Everyone seemed thrilled and excited for the weekend’s festivities. I even got to meet one of my readers from Sweden! So cool.
After a little pie, coffee, and catching up it was time for business.
The trivia contest is a tricky one. Last year I was eliminated in the first round due to what I call a fluke/trick question, and there were plenty of hard ass questions I never could have answered this year as well (ie: the name of Ben Horne’s father??)…but the cards fell my way and I mowed through 3 or 4 rounds until it was down to the final 3. We took a little break and began the final round which was set up like Jeopardy!
The categories (to my recollection) were: The Horne Brothers, Animals, Laura’s Secret Diary, and Evelyn and Little Nicky. I was first, and went straight for the throat with Evelyn and Little Nicky for 700 (may I say how awesome that was to call out in front of 100 people or so?). I had studied this section of the series hard and was able to close out the entire category for close to 1100 points I think. I got a few laughs for sticking with that category which was quite amusing.
I only missed one question in the final round (What was the name of Laura’s pony) and failed to hit upon one of the two Daily Doubles for 800 points, which I knew the answers to. I made my final wager but ended up losing by 100 points. It was still really fun! and I won some copies of Wrapped in Plastic and a few other books.
Amy, Peyton, Chris, and I at Hap’s.
My brother, Chris, and Amy and I headed out for lunch at the Fall City Grill, which we all know is the filming location for Hap’s Diner in Fire Walk With Me. We ate and took a few pictures and it was already time to head towards downtown for film night.
We got to the Seattle Art Museum and I just had to get one of Paula’s prints. Deputy Andy is one of my favorite characters and I just had to have one! (picture on the way) There was also a slide show going at the table of so many never before seen pictures. I could have stared at it for hours!
the crowd screams for Kimmy

After a few short films (including a cool documentary of interviews with many of the actors) and a little break it was time for the main event of the Twin Peaks Pilot episode. It was cool to see the vivid 35 mm copy of the pilot (the only copy in existence) but it had been a long day and it was quite annoying to hear everyone laughing every 5 seconds at things I’d never thought to laugh about before. I toughed it out and was done after a long day.
This brings an end to coverage of the Twin Peaks Festival 2010. I would like to send a very special thanks to Jared and Amanda and the rest of the volunteers who make all of this happen. It was easily the best festival I’ve been to, and its all because of everyone involved.


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One Comment on “Twin Peaks Festival 2010: Day 1”

  1. August 15, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    I was great meeting you Brad! Thanks for the great Fest reports and location pieces!

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