Twin Peaks Festival 2010: Day 2

Day 2 of the festival was relatively laid back. I woke up in downtown Seattle and went to breakfast at a cool little diner attached to a record store with my brother and my wonderful hosts. I bought the new Best Coast record (it rocks) and had the french toast. After a little drive through a couple of neighborhoods we got ready and headed back to Twin Peaks.
I met up with my friends Chris and Amy from San Francisco and we went to the Salish Lodge for some bloody mary’s and taco’s. We wanted to watch the falls for a little bit, but the constant drizzle was quite irritating. So we drank!

Afterwards we took a little drive to Ronnette’s Bridge and snapped a few pictures and then went to the sign spot on Reinig Road. Some awesome local’s made a “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign and it looked great! What a nice surprise and cool photo op as well.
Amy went to recoup, so my brother and Chris and I went to Twede’s diner for a little pre-celebrity dinner coffee. I still do not understand why the owner of this joint will not get rid of the Tweety birds and remodel it into something atleast halfway classy. It would do wonders, and also make up for their overpriced food. (just sayin…)
Annnyway, we headed over to the celebrity dinner and the first person I see when I walk in the door is Sherilyn Fenn! the surprise guest! and what a wonderful surprise she was. Everyone was really excited to meet her and if you weren’t a little persistent then you didn’t get much time to talk to her. I ran into Kimmy Robertson and Charlotte Stewart and was really happy to catch up with them. They looked genuinely thrilled and excited to be a part of it all.

(above: myself with Ed Egerdahl and Kathleen Wilhoit, below: Sherilyn Fenn(!) and myself)

After dinner the celebrity Q&A started up. Participants included Jan D’arcy (Sylvia Horne), Jen Lynch, Kimmy Robertson, Kathleen Wilhoit, Ed Egerdahl, and Charlotte Stewart. If you want the full rundown, my brother has posted videos on youtube for your enjoyment below.
After the celebrity Q&A it was time for the costume contest! and I was really impressed with many of the entrees. I have to say, the girl who dressed as Lucy from the Twin Peaks Pageant should have taken first prize. She had the dance and everything down! Unfortunately the music skipped throughout the performance, but it doesn’t matter, she nailed it!
Other highlights were two fellows from Belgium who dressed as the White Horse (complete with audio from the Giant saying “it is happening again…”) who took first place and a faux BOB and Laura Palmer raising hell with a mobile Black Lodge.
Things began to wind down afterwards so I checked out the Red Room the volunteers set up, and I ran into a few friends.
After we took off from the dinner we rode around town like we always do on the Saturday night of the fest to visit Ronnette’s Bridge and the Picnic overlook. I then made the drive back to Seattle to crash after a long day of adventure.


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One Comment on “Twin Peaks Festival 2010: Day 2”

  1. August 13, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    Hay Brad…I am finally checking this out…nice write up and photos. :)Amy

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