Twin Peaks Festival 2010: Day 3

In my coverage of this year’s fest, I’ll work in reverse and tell you all about the farewell picnic on Sunday. I love going to Twin Peaks, especially when its dark and overcast (which usually does not happen in August), so the mood was perfectly set for the day. We ate, we laughed, and we talked…

After lunch, we all lined up for the annual Tibetan Rock Throw where festival attendees call out a suspect of who may have killed Laura Palmer. On my first throw, I chose “The Offscreen Relationship of Kyle Maclachlan and Lara Flynn Boyle”. I threw it dead on the money. The rock landed 4 inches in front of the bottle and broke apart, not even grazing the bottle. People kept lining up, and no one hit it until 30 minutes deep into the contest.
(above and below: the wonderful Robyn runs the rock throw every year. she’s awesome)
Afterwards, the winner of the caption contest was announced and festival volunteer Rob ran the cherry stem tying contest.

(dig deep, the right stem is down there somewhere!)
editor’s note: that guy really needs to be Heavy Metal Youth for next year’s costume contest
Lucky for us festival goers, the farewell picnic is situated right between the filming locations of Deer Meadow Sheriff Station, Wind River, and the forrest where Bobby kills Deputy Cliff. No one bothered to swim across the river to get the correct shot of where Teresa Banks was floating, but why would you want to when you can wait for the dead cold of winter?
After the picnic festivities wound down, two fans had a commitment ceremony officiated by the almighty Jen Lynch!
(below: my friend Bill captures the action)
I said my goodbyes and went to hang with my favorite partner in crime! Talk about post fest depression! Yikes. See you all next year…


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