just an update

hey everybody. its been a very busy summer. wanted to give you the official rundown on the next record. it has now been a year since i put Let’s Rock to bed, and ever since I’ve been writing songs for the eventual next record. its been very fun but very trying. back in February and March i hit a very hot streak and put together 8 or 9 songs that really rip. i was very glad to find some footing and put together some stuff that truly excited me. i consider a certain 6 of them among the best stuff i’ve ever done and i cant wait to share it all with you. however, since then i’ve had to move out of the bradcave and regrettably have not had nearly the time, space, or inspiration to close out a record.

in my mind, i’d like to put together another 5 or 6 songs that kick my ass in order to have a record that i’m confident enough in to hand out to strangers on the street. (PS-it is not another Twin Peaks rock opera) if it takes another year to finish it, so be it-but i have a great start behind me that i’m very thrilled with. over the last year there are quite a few songs i’ve done that i love but will not make the record. hopefully i can find a cool way to get some of them out.
if you give enough of a shit to have made it this far, i am working on a little infomercial from my recent trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, along with some cool pics I’ll have up later this week. somewhere along the way i’ll also reorganize alot of the filming locations so they are easier to find for you guys. thats it, thats all, thats all there is. as always, more soon

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