The possible remains of Dead Dog Farm

edit: this is definitely not dead dog farm. looks like i was a couple hundred yards off. this site will be updated once the exact location has been pinpointed. i’m tryin’ here! (9/15/2010)

During my last L.A. excursion I was very hyped up to find one of the few remaining Twin Peaks filming locations I had not found which was Dead Dog Farm. I knew it was in Sylmar, CA and it had been torn down over ten years ago. I had spent quite awhile on google maps narrowing down the approximate location with the help of a fellow fan that had been there a long time ago. Unfortunately, all the details were very foggy. I finally settled on a likely location with one of the few fans that had been there before.
(above, a shot of the front yard from episode 19)
I parked my car and walked over. Much to my horror, the road had been barricaded and looked like a third world war zone. Nothing matched! I chickened out and left. Two days later, I went back determined to find it. I jumped out of the car and told my girlfriend that if any police drive back there to text me immediately.
(above, the suspected driveway shot; below, the suspected gravesite of dead dog farm)
Heart racing, I hurdled two barricades and went back into a quarry-like mini valley. This was not it. Pouring sweat, I rushed back, hopped the two barricades and 4 latino cowboys were there. They stared at me. I said “umm…I’m looking for a house that was torn down about ten years ago…would you happen to know where it is?” (I learned that in 1996 the Santa Monica Mountain people bought a ton of this land and turned it into a biking/hiking/horse trail)
(a wider shot of the front yard where the trees would have been)
They stared at me inquisitively while I prayed to God I wasn’t in trouble, then one of them cheerfully said it was up the hill to the right. I raced up the hill and things began to match up. I was told before that the “For Sale” sign was still there, but what I’m led to believe is Dead Dog Farm and its entire front yard have been reduced to a dirt field. To put everything into perspective, here is a link to a google map of the approximate area here.
(above and below-remains of houses torn down that do not match up to the driveway)
I snapped a few pictures but was still not quite convinced. There was a heavily wooded area in front of the possible front yard, so I ventured into the woods. I found two separate shells of departed houses. I began to think one of these would be the house, but the driveway definitely did not match up, and neither did any trees. One other thing to note! In the below screen shot the tower behind cooper definitely seems to match up when you look at the google map.
At this point I’m 60% sure I have pinpointed Dead Dog Farm, if you can help in anyway please comment! or, email me at
A few more Cali treats coming your way, but nothing earth shattering 🙂

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2 Comments on “The possible remains of Dead Dog Farm”

  1. July 19, 2010 at 11:06 am #

    Very cool! I really enjoy your blog. Will you be coming to the fest this year? I will. My first time too.

  2. July 26, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    yo! thanks for reading. i will in fact be at the festival so come say hi!

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