The Curious Case of the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan…

Upon my last L.A. journey, I did not have my hopes up for this filming location. I obtained the address from the filming notes courtesy of a fellow Twin Peaks fan, and did not have much else to go on. I arrived at the address and it appeared to have just gone through a massive renovation. With all the painters and construction workers roaming around I was hesitant to go inside, so I was walking along the sidewalk and in the corner of my eye through the window I saw a vault! I automatically assumed I was looking straight into the infamous vault where Audrey, Pete, Andrew and the pitiful bank employees were blown to oblivion.
I got a few shots through the window, and with my pulse racing decided to go inside. Actually, morrison lane asked the construction workers because I was in too much of a tizzy. This shit makes me uptight, especially virgin territory. He asked us “who are you with?” we said “ourselves” and he said “ok, you can go in”.
Foolishly, I was not even looking at my screenshots on my phone, I just began snapping as many photos as I could. I did notice that the ground floor was a two story plaza with a balcony, and assumed that through the massive renovations this building had received, the ceiling we see in episode 29 (along with many more walls) was leveled somewhere along the way. It definitely felt exactly as it did in the show, which was a huge rush. Even stepping inside the vault doors, I felt something. Maybe it was my imagination, but it was something.
(above: inside the vault)
However! As I got back to my hotel room I began looking at the screen shots and started doubting my find. The discrepancies kept piling up. the ceiling was gone, the vault door was on the wrong side of the vault (doh!) and nothing much but the shape of the vault door matched.
So, here’s what I’ve deduced has happened:
a) The filming location was completely remodeled, the vault door was taken off and put on the other side, and the ceilings and walls were removed as part of the plaza floor plan, and of course the safety deposit boxes were removed.
b) The filming location was in the basement, with a separate vault and bank lobby. (As I was leaving I noticed workers going down to a basement) I have no idea if a vault is down there at all though.
Unfortunately, I’ve never talked to anyone else who has been to this filming location, so if anyone has been here before and can confirm anything either way I would love to hear it! Judge for yourself, I lean back and forth on my theories depending on the day. Comments welcome…

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