33 and 1/3

i would consider myself a music geek. ever since i have ever bought an album, i have scoured the liner notes to find out what could possibly be behind this music i’m listening to. even if it was a shit record, i’d still look atleast once out of curiosity. who sang? who played guitar? who was thanked? who was given special thanks? who was it dedicated to? to me, an album tells a story, and for the most part i’m a person that wants to listen to a record from front to back so i can really try to understand what the artist wants to say. listening to it any other way is (in my opinion) robbing yourself of the artist’s intention. ANYWAY, thanks to a special someone i’ve discovered this series of books about many iconic albums which dives way, way down into what the album is about and how it came to be.

luckily the first 33 1/3 book i read through was based on the perennial 1989 Beastie Boys’ classic Paul’s Boutique. Many questions were answered about this somewhat mysterious era surrounding its creation. I definitely learned a few things I had been wondering about for over ten years. Like why wasn’t there an actual tour for perhaps the greatest hip hop album ever? (or was there?) You’ll have to read for yourself. I highly, highly recommend the series to any fan of music. There are so many volumes, you may want to go through and find one for yourself. While I’m in the midst of recording a bunch of new material for an eventual album, I’m also finding a ton of inspiration for new stuff. From the Beach Boys to Weezer, from the Pixies to the Kinks, there has to be one for everyone! Enjoy.

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