it is a sad day at kamp kikakee

well. i wont lie. last night’s loss was awful. i’ve been a devoted fan of peyton manning since his freshman year at the University of Tennessee. it was by far the most painful loss, and in the past 16 years there have been a few that stick out. unfortunately this one is going to the top of the pile. there will be more losses to swallow, no doubt, but i’m really confident there are many more wins in store. so peyton, shake it off and move on. you will come back better than ever next year, and many people will be better off because of it. thanks for the memories and for the memories that will come.

your #1 fan,
p.s. – i’m going for a walk in the snow. how can that not make me feel a little bit better?

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One Comment on “it is a sad day at kamp kikakee”

  1. February 9, 2010 at 4:12 pm #

    go peyton. you are still awesome.

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