i miss those days

when i was a young lad i spent alot of time riding up and down kingston pike with my parents. friday and saturday nights we would go out to eat, go to the video store or the bookstore, maybe a movie, really anything fun to keep us entertained. during the fall of 1990 we were at the bookstore one night. my mom ran me down in the kids section and said something along the likes of “Brad!! look what i found!!!!” and she held out this…
(this was only released on cassette tape… cassettetape, kids!!)
I stood in awe. I specifically remember waiting for the cliffhanger of Agent Cooper being shot to be resolved with the new season of Twin Peaks set to begin. Who shot him? Who killed Laura Palmer? Will Audrey escape from One Eyed Jack’s?…the questions ran amok in my nine year old head. We bought the tape and rushed to the car to listen to it. Even though it was just Kyle MacLachlan speaking into a mic, I hung on every word looking for any clue I may have missed.
Little surprises that excite us can be found anywhere if you look close enough, but those little surprises that inspire wonder, true wonder will always be close to my heart. And thanks to the ipod I can relive that night as a captivated nine year old whenever I want (without a tape player).

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    […] I wrote more about Cooper than almost anybody with the book and the script for the cassette, “Diane” I think.  So, but getting background from David, would be like, ” I want him to do an […]

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