Blue Velvet – The Field Where Jeffrey Finds the Ear

I love filming locations, and I REALLY love it when they are obscure.  So I was very thankful to visit THE field where Jeffrey finds the ear, which sets the entire movie into motion. The field is still in tact, and the surrounding treeline is still there but for visitors like us there are not many points of interest left. Almost all of the trees have been cut down or are barely recognizable and the little shack has been removed, but the trail Jeffrey walks on is still hanging on by a thread.  The field is currently being put to good use as a rugby venue for a local team.
Also filmed in the same location was the crosswalk from the beginning of the film. If you were to turn around from the crosswalk angle, you would be standing at the beginning of Jeffrey’s trail.
I would like to send a huge thanks to Benedict R. Fancy for helping me find this location.  He’s currently directing a documentary on the making of Blue Velvet which you should check out.


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One Comment on “Blue Velvet – The Field Where Jeffrey Finds the Ear”

  1. Dan
    April 16, 2017 at 8:44 am #

    Where is the field exactly?

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