2009, the year in music…

It has been a great year of music. And in this here blog I’d like to round it all up and also take a look at what is to come in 2010! Let’s get down to brass tacks. I give you the top 5 records of 2009, according to moi…
King Khan & BBQ Show – Invisible Girl. I don’t know much about King Khan, but I do
know that he makes incredibly catchy songs that sound like they should
have been on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. There’s also the most vile
song I’ve ever heard called “Tastebuds” that even has the “C” word. I
can almost sing along to it. The title track is the second best song of the year. Don’t miss it.


Atlas Sound – Logos. Bradford Cox strikes again. Hopefully his
pattern of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound records every other year continues
indefinitely. A sound all his own, not to mention the catchiest song
of the year “WalkAbout” featuring my boy Panda Bear on vocals.
There’s also an insane 9 minute jam featuring the girl from Stereolab.


Dangermouse & Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul. This
all-star collection features guest vocals from Wayne Coyne, Julian
Casablancas, James Mercer and the man himself David Lynch with
Dangermouse and Sparklehorse providing the jams. A spaced-out dream
world of pop rock that is quite pleasing to the ear. Although it was
never properly released with its accompanying book of photos by Lynch,
the major labels were unable to silence it.


Flaming Lips – Embryonic. After 2006’s At War With the Mystics
settled with me, I began to think maybe this is it for the Flaming
Lips. They had built their biggest fanbase yet, put on the funnest
show most people will ever see and put out a somewhat predictable and
safe record to rock out to on stage. They could easily have rode the
same train for years to come, and who would’ve blamed them? Well, I
was wrong in my assumption. The Lips struck back with a double album
of fuzz rock without one catchy hook or chorus. Hypnotic,
hallucinogenic, and hell raising. Cheers to you Wayne Coyne for not resting on your laurels.


Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion. This was an easy pick. Far and away my

favorite record of the year. The first time I heard “My Girls” I was
absolutely blown away. It sounded like something that should have
been released in 2025, and I’m sure I’ll still be rocking out to it
far beyond then. Every song is heaven and I am so excited to see
where they go next. Go buy this at the store, turn up the bass and
close your eyes. Everything bad in the world will disappear.

in conclusion, there were tons of cool records this year. honorable
mention to Julian Casablancas’s Phrazes for the Young, Monsters of
, M. Ward’s Hold Time.

moving right along! what does 2010 behold?

1. Miles Kurosky – Rad. This album from the former Beulah frontman
has been talked about for 5 years. He’s finally on a label and a new
tour is in the works. Beulah never made a less than good song, and I
think Miles will bring the heat on this one. He’s had one lone song
on myspace for two years and its prettay prettay good. Please Miles,
don’t make me wait another year.

2. The Strokes. 4 years and 5 solo albums removed from the last
Strokes record, I have to wonder what’s going on. Will they get back
on common ground and make a record. Live dates are scheduled, so
hopefully new material is on the way.

3. Panda Bear. According to an interview with Pitchfork, a new album
is in the works. Bring it on.

4. The Arcade Fire. They’ve been lying low, what’s next??

5. The National. OK. This is the one I’m most excited about. A
record is due early 2010, so I’ll hold my breath and wait!

5. Bonnaroo. Who will play? Who will headline? This last year will
be tough to top. I myself wouldn’t mind seeing Prince, The Stones or
McCartney headlining, but who knows…

6. Brad D. yes, me. here’s the only real update you’ll get for
awhile. I’ve done tons of writing and jamming since Let’s Rock
dropped. Of all that has been put to tape I’ve got about 7 songs I’m
really crazy about and are deemed “album worthy”. I want to spend
another 6 months writing and get another top 7 I’m crazy about and
maybe put those together and edit it down to a record. Time will

thank you for reading! stay tuned for tons of fun stuff.



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