Fat Trout Trailer Park

During the Twin Peaks festival of 2008, I was driving around Snoqualmie looking for filming sites when I stumbled upon a trailer park which i deduced was used as Fat Trout Trailer Park. There was a rather large, hulking man who was sitting out front and he looked quite perturbed. I really wanted to wander into the park and look around but I just didn’t want to mess with this guy.
Later that night after the celebrity dinner, I and a few other friends went to Ronnette’s bridge to hang around.

I had admittedly drank quite a bit that night and had enough liquid courage to wander into the trailer park with my new friend, the faux Laura Palmer. We snuck in very quietly and found Teresa Banks’s trailer. I snapped a picture and for some reason forgot to track down the infamous telephone pole and get a picture as well…and Deputy Cliff’s trailer and so forth.

Someone stole the 6 off THE telephone pole (not me), but I managed to take a parting picture.


Categories: Twin Peaks Filming Locations

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One Comment on “Fat Trout Trailer Park”

  1. August 3, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    How very Twin Peaks it would be if the 6 magically reappeared in time for this year's TP Fest!

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