Let’s Rock, A literary history pt. 8: Love Yrself

Of all the songs I’ve ever written, this one might mean the most to me.  In November of 2008 I was living in my friend’s living room and I was absolutely scared to death of what was to come.  I was hitting a wall with music.  In the two months I had moved to Nashville, I had written two songs I wasn’t very thrilled with and I had nothing else to go on but scraps of songs that made no sense to me.  I had no idea of what the future held.  I felt like no one else in the world believed in me or even understood me.


A few weeks before, I had a falling out with my best friend since high school.  Years of unresolved tension and resentment boiled over, and I laid all my cards out on the table.  Things had changed, and they would never be the same again.  My friend did not believe in me or my dreams, and I came to the conclusion that it was time to move ahead, and anyone that wasn’t with me was against me.  These feelings fueled a lot of songs I had yet to write, and set the tone of the album.  I was alone, but I was on a mission and had no other choice but to dig deep and hope something worked out soon. 


I had an idea for a song called “Love Yourself” that was going to be a campfire discussion between two people.  I thought I would just have an acoustic guitar and some violins, and that was it.  My first draft at lyrics were ok, but I threw them out and started over and put the chords to the words.  I also wanted a big, epic guitar solo that descended into madness.


I thought of how scared I was, and what I would say to someone I could totally trust.  Fear was taking over and I had nothing to do but run for help.  I hear this song and I see a little kid hiding under the covers, with their imagination dreaming up the worst possible things that await them on the other side.


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