let’s rock: a literary history, pt 7: twilight at pearl lakes

Here is another song where I yet again had a title and not much else to go on.  During the summer of ’08 I would come home from work and play a piano chord progression in E minor.  I had a little movement I liked with a lot of noise added in but I never seemed to be satisfied with it.  One day I caught myself playing the intro and it just stuck with me. 


I really didn’t even know what this song would be about for a long time.  I recorded the intro last winter and ended up recording a bunch of nonsense out of boredom afterwards.  Among the nonsense was a beat I had made yet totally forgot about.  A couple of weeks later I was playing with a lot of synths I decided it would be best to connect the intro with the main beat and create some chaos.


While writing lyrics for “I Wish I Could Quit You” I had a freestyle go out of control and I went off on a tangent that fit right in with the ‘feel’ of this song.  So, I took most of those lyrics and had the first 3/4ths of this song written.  I remember being really excited that day.


I spent a couple of months layering noise and guitar overdubs for this song.  I wanted a really thick wall of sound throughout the song. I wanted a rave.  I wanted the song to descend into the center of the earth and be swept away by an alien spacecraft.  I wanted the song to be about living your life and not really wasting a day.  If there’s something you need to do, you should do it.


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come with me if you want to live

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