Let’s Rock, a literary history pt. 6: I Want You to Take Me

I will always vividly remember how this song came about.  I had decided I would create a song called “I Want You to Take Me” but I knew absolutely nothing about what it would sound like.  One day when I was living in Seattle (it must have been July ’08) I came home from work and was messing around on a 909 drum machine before dinner.  I started playing a beat and thought to myself “hmm, that’s cool” and hit record.  I looped it and picked a random synthesizer.  I had no clue what the synth was, but I hit record and I swear to God the riff just came out of nowhere in one try.  I had caught a little lightning in a bottle and was very pleased.  Soon afterwards I came up with the lines “its getting late, I cant resist, I think I could kill a man for just one kiss”.

Time passed, and nothing came about.  It sat on my computer and I always wondered what would become of it.  A few months later it was the week of Thanksgiving, and I had a ‘visitor’ that Monday night.  I don’t think I will ever reveal the details of what happened that night to anyone, but the next night I was jumping out of my skin, and just knew that deep within my soul I had all the inspiration I needed to write the song.  I put my pen to the paper and finished the lyrics in ten minutes.

The guitar solo on this song is one of my favorite moments I’ve ever recorded.


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come with me if you want to live

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