let’s rock:a literary history pt. 4.

it must have been last fall, while piecing this album’s story together that i came to the realization i needed a song of longing, unrequited love.  I pondered, stressed, and wondered about this song for literally months.  i had no idea what it was going to be, but i had the title of “are you blind?” kicking around.  i had put together a nice and easy acoustic guitar progression with alot of suspended and major 7th chords, but it just never worked.

i took a lunch break (i guess it would have been in january of ’08) and stared at a blank piece of paper.  i decided it should sound like someone alone in their room, isolated from the world and not caring about anything else.  perhaps a teenager writing in their diary, with no one to judge their thoughts and feelings.  one day while i was meditating i had the title ‘dreaming of the day’ come straight to me, and from that point i knew it was  a fitting title.  i put together a little beat on the 808, put some electric piano on, and the lyrics came straight to me.  but i was not done yet.
it needed more…and my character that was singing had more of the story to tell.  i also had come to the conclusion that i should try some falsetto vocals.  someday, somehow (i think i was just sitting in my cubicle) it became apparent that the title ‘handsome devil’ should be included.  i stole a bassline from a previously aborted song and put the outrageous lyrics (that i kept writing over and over, forgetting repeatedly i’d already written them) to the music.
winter was turning into spring at this point, and i think i had written about 85% of the album, and for all of this story to make sense, i put together the 1991 piece to tie it all together (atleast in my head).  it had alot of horns and guitars going on, but i stripped it all down to piano bass and drums so it would have a similar instrumentation to a ben folds five song.  i wanted the picture of a small town painted, like “alice childress” or “where’s summer b.?” from the first BFF album.  

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