Let’s Rock, A literary history, Pt. 3: Can’t Buy Sleep

One night in the summer of 2008 I went to a cookout at my friend Craig and Corina’s house.  Craig had a boss named Bill who was in town and he was a very interesting character.   He was a Louisiana native and between his boasts of fortune and wealth he would manage to throw in racist jokes and judgmental comments about just everything.  As the night wore on and conversation grew, something was obviously bothering Bill.  He started in on his family and how he had not spoken to his son in years.  He said that his son and ex-wife were greedy and he had no desire to speak with them.  Eventually, Bill pulled a letter from his pocket and asked us to read it.  His son had written him a letter trying to patch things up.  Bill asked us what he should do.  The events of that night left quite an impact on me. 

 The summer wore on and I decided that Bill needed a song.  I had titles going through my head and a few lyrics I could use, but for whatever reason I never put any of it to tape. Yet.

 Upon moving from Seattle to Nashville in September of 2008, I was ‘crashing’ in my good friend Brian’s living room while I sorted things out in my new town.  He was gone every weekend so the first weekend I had alone I was eager to get started on some fresh material.  I made up a beat in garageband,  started rapping over it and after a little while I had come up with some pretty good verses, but I was stuck.  I thought back to Bill, and how his mood so suddenly changed.  I grabbed a guitar and strummed an E minor chord and the words just came to me.  Lucky for me, Bill’s story coincided with another character I wanted to use in a similar themed song and I was able to finish the rest of the song with ease.  This was the first song I had really worked to completion for the record.  Reflecting on this song, it’s a story, not a judgment on Bill’s (or anyone else’s) behavior at all.


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