Let’s Rock, A literary history, Pt. 1: Looking for Forever

hello everyone and welcome to a new mini-series i am kicking off on this here blog.  let’s just call it “the literary making of let’s rock”.  I’m going to take all of you behind the scenes and tell you some stories about how the album came to fruition, track by track.  here we go.

It was Thanksgiving 2008.  I was visiting my parents and my brother and I was really hung up on one particular girl.   I had somewhat put together an outline for Let’s Rock but for the last two and a half months I was banging my head against the wall.  I had put together only 3 songs I was still very unsure about and I was really starting to worry that I would never realize this grand idea I had in my head. 
One evening as I sat bored in the kitchen, between all of the eating and movie-watching, I was lazily flipping through my parent’s church directory.  I came upon a childhood friend of mine who I had grown up with.  There he was, with his pretty young wife and their smiles of happiness and confidence.  I thought to myself “wow, he’s got it all, and what do I have?”.  We were at the same starting line and he has a family, an established career, and I’ve got no clue what I’m doing.  
Then I began to think about the girl I was interested in.  I was tired of playing games with girls, going to bars and seeing who I could meet.  I had been out of that scene for almost a year and I thought, “I’m looking for forever”…not just more of the same.  That phrase stuck with me and I filed it in the back of my brain for a later day.
Around that time I would go to Chik Fil-A almost every day and just sit and write whatever came to me.  I had decided “Looking for Forever” was a suitable song title, and when I put the pen to pad, the lyrics just flowed straight out.  I folded it up and put it on my keyboard at home.  The next night I sat at the keyboard and read along with the lyrics and the chords came to me like a flood.  To this day I think its the most natural chord progression I’ve ever written (atleast the first half!)
The next couple of weeks I worked on the lyrics for the second half and while I hadn’t even planned for this song to be on Let’s Rock it seemed to convey all the emotions I wanted to open the album with.  I look back and to me it’s not about a girl at all, its about that feeling of “I have come this far, I’ve tried really hard, but what now?…” and I always come to the conclusion that I just have to keep going and be me, no matter what.  Atleast that’s my interpretation.

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