hello my peebles

the bradcave is still puffing lots of proverbial smoke out of the chimney, in fact its one of the most productive eras of my songwriting experience. i love alot of these songs. will they ever make it onto a proper album? i dont know. i’m just enjoying the process for now. the process of making a “song” instead of trying to make an “album”. while i absolutely love Let’s Rock it was a very trying experience to write. i had a story in my head with a finite number of stories i wanted to tell, and it was frustrating, rewarding, and brain frying all at the same time. for all the days and months i stressed about the possibility that that album would never be made, i really cherish the day now when i can make a song and put it on the shelf and say “hey that’s cool, let’s move on now”. anyway, i’m just having fun for the present time. which is what its all about.

rehearsals are going down for a live show. i’m really pleased with everything so far and i think very soon it will be ready for public joe the plumber consumption. also, most of the brand new (post let’s rock ) material will probably get tested out in these future gigs. i eagerly await the day. i really believe in Let’s Rock and i look forward to introducing it to a new audience, and in all honesty i dont feel like i’ve ever approached an audience outside of friends and family. is that scary? yes? but is it necessary to progress? yes. so, patience young padawans. i dont want to hold anything back anymore. more soon.

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One Comment on “hello my peebles”

  1. August 29, 2009 at 8:29 pm #

    ca't wait for the "public joe the plumber consumption!" its gonna be awesome! will you sing the awesome 11 minutes song in your best tyson voice? all 11 minutes? please and thank you?! it's a request!

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