my friends, the day has come.  after over a year of writing, recording, dreaming, and wondering – the record is mixed, mastered and ready to be shipped off to be pressed.  it will even have a barcode.  how official is that?

it has been a very rewarding experience.  it has been a very challenging year.  at times i’ve been lonely, desperate, doubtful, hopeful, rewarded, and scared-and i will always have this record to take me back to this very special and fruitful time of my life, just like all the records that have come before, and the ones that will someday drop out of the sky.  while this record might just be a minuscule speck of digital media that exists in a tiny crevice of the universe, i have taught myself i’m capable of anything. 
so where does this leave us?  let me give you a few facts:
1.  once the packaging is finalized it will be submitted straight to the manufacturer and once it arrives on my doorstep it will be available to all who want it, along with an online version for purchase on myspace.
2.  there is A LOT of brand new music waiting to be recorded and tended to.  i have not had the proper energy or attention span to really work them out yet, but there’s quite a bit, dating back to demos and ideas from last year running all the way up until today.
3.  radio edits and videos are absolute certainties.
4.  i am beginning work on a stage show.  this could be me playing to 15 people in my basement to playing out and opening for someone.  i have no idea how it will go down, but by God i’m ready to get out and perform.  the live set up i am imagining will be conducive to working on new material as well (yaaay!)
so that’s that.  thanks for reading, i’m going to go cry in disbelief this record is done.
love you all.

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